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was waiting for everyone to chime in with, “but i really liked the last exorcism ~~”  and lo and behold 

Anonymous: just go into watching Contraband with super low expectations and just, like, switch your brain off (which is what I did) and I thought it was pleasantly surprising (but I was half stoned when I saw it. Maybe try that too)

are u stoned rite now

the-flaming-nips: Why is everyone hating on Contraband? I don't think it was THAT shitty. I mean yeah it was cliche as fuck (how many times are they going to do that "Former drug dealer/smuggler/cop/whatever comes out of retirement for ONE LAST HEIST?") and that unrealistic ending but if you're a Caleb fan I think it's worth sitting through for him. He's literally the catalyst for the entire plot.

i’m hating on it mostly cuz i hate marky mark

and it looks shitty

but in retrospect i don’t think any caleb film can get any shittier than the last exorcism. so you sort of have a point.

the thing about new fans of caleb is i’m not sure they’re prepared to deal with his many, baffling physical transformations

louisesbelcher: Contraband is on tv rn and sometimes I forget that Caleb is in this shitty movie???

girl i have attempted to erase all traces of that film from my memory and i haven’t even seen it

I’ve eaten sandwiches buffer than him but he can definitely still get it.
- bibi on shirtless caleb
its prolly another Caleb phase no doubt :P

mte, bubbles. like i seriously doubt that his role requires him to wear black 24/7, even when he’s off set and hanging out with friends (which seems to be what he’s doing). so it’s either a phase or he’s being very, very method

god’s pocket trailer. caleb plays leon, the dead kid.